Get Strong Erection And Increase Sexual Stamina

Are you facing problem in getting long lasting erection? If yes, then first thing that you can say to yourself is that everything will be fine as it is possible to have a long lasting erection with increase in sexual stamina. So what usually causes erection issues? There are two main things to look out for. These are Nitric Oxide and Testosterone levels. Both are required in order to gain an erection, without either it wouldn’t be possible. So let us see why these are so important.

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for many physical characteristics explicit to adult males. Without it you will not even have sexual thoughts that lead to a release in Nitric Oxide. That is why both chemicals go hand in hand. Mucuna Pruriens Extract has been studied clinically to boost levels of testosterone. It also is an inhibitor to Prolactin which is the cause of 70 – 80 % of erection failure in males

Nitric Oxide controls circulation to the penis, when you come across sexual thought, your brain sends a signal to the penis telling it to release NO, it also tells it how much to let go. The blood circulates the penis and dilates the blood vessels allowing you to have an erection. Testosterone is what gives someone push to have sex. Both male and females have it. Without it you most likely wouldn’t even have sexual thoughts that would lead to a release in Nitric Oxide.

There are many natural herbs or methods that have now been proven to increase both Nitric Oxide and Testosterone. What does this mean? It means that you no longer have to bother about the unnecessary side effects that come with artificial drugs and surgeries.

The natural way is always the healthiest way and can even be more effective, because they have been used since ancient times. Some natural herbs that can boost one’s erection are listed below.

  • Maca Root Extract
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract
  • Schizandra Berry
  • Tongkat Ali Extract

There are also natural supplements that can help any man to get his old self back. Prolong Male Enhancement is one such supplement which can give you long lasting erections. You no longer have to worry about the side effects from Prolong Male Enhancement. The pills are made up of natural ingredients and hence it is safe to consume.

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